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Best Practices For Drone Pilots To Prevent Challenges

Drones are one of the fastest growing and most popular ways to take pictures and videos of the world. Each destination governs the use of drones specifically to their local, state, and national aviation requirements, but there are some standard operating practices that are good to become familiar with. Wildlife and nature should always be considered, and it is good to research if there are any endangered or protected species in the area. Privacy is another big factor that should be considered, as drones can grant access to hard-to-reach areas. And always avoid crowds and airports.

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Traveling With Drones

Most commercial drones are now relatively small and can fit in your carry-on or your checked luggage. Always pack batteries in a carry-on bag, so they can be stored in a pressurized environment where the temperature is less likely to fluctuate. Most commercial drone batteries have less than 100 watt-hours (Wh), but it is good to check against the airline’s rules just in case. When travelling with your drone through customs be aware that laws vary from country to country, and some have banned drones. Do not risk having your drone confiscated from customs when entering a country with strict drone laws. 

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Researching Specific Destinations

This is one of the best websites to find destination requirements, UAV Coach provides drone law links to help you better navigate the UAV industry in your respective U.S. state or country. They are not aviation attorneys, so it goes without saying that you should perform additional research on your intended application of sUAS (small unmanned aircraft system). The Global Drone Regulations Database also has a search function that shows recent updates.

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Drones provide travelers with amazing photography and videography, so many tourist destinations should start encouraging responsible drone pilots and tours. Travelers creating scenic drone videos, provide encouragement to everyone to see new places, making travel more appealing. Virtual reality is a trending experience, provided by the drone’s high-quality photos and videos. The capability of a drone to capture new sweeping perspectives across a particular landscape creates a new reality for travel. You can almost touch the grass, as the drone films the terrain. Inspiration has always been used for exploration and with drone technology it is an important new tool.

SkyPixel Photography Contest

The SkyPixel community is a platform connection for DJI users to share their photos, videos, and other content. It is intended to be a place for people to share and share information about their work. The community is governed by the same rules as the SkyPixel Terms of Use, which include the following: ‘The community is open to all’ and ‘It’s open to everyone’. SkyPixel allows users to share their aerial photography tips. Offering tips is also another way for you to earn a larger following. 

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