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While travel to Europe is at a standstill during the restrictions of pandemic lockdowns, technology is allowing us to map out travel in the future. While we await for a return to travel in 2021 and 2022, now is the time to start planning for your long awaited European adventure. Instead of binge watching Netflix, you now have the time to broaden your horizons with some virtual tours. The family can get up close to some of the world’s most prestigious cultural institutions, with captivating, entertaining and educational insight. Please check the links below for a list of expertly curated home virtual tours.

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Visitor Centers

Heathrow Terminals 2 & 3 tube station - Train
London Visitor Center Heathrow Airport.

Tourist Information Centers in Europe are strategically located around the city’s most popular attractions, providing visitors with information on the area’s attractions, lodgings, maps, and other items relevant to tourism. It is very useful to grab at least a map from information kiosks, which should be your very first stop after arriving in a new major train station or airport. Then make a point of visiting the main tourist office downtown as well for the widest selection of information and brochures. Sometimes the big central office includes a ticket desk for local theaters, tours, and other events. The role of the visitor center has been rapidly evolving over the past few years to become more of an interactive experience.

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Immersive Guides

Transmitter - Meter
Tour guide on a walking tour.

When searching for an immersive experience we recommend a walking tour company in Europe called Walks, which can be found in London, Athens, and various cities in Spain and Italy. What makes these food, art, and history tours so special is that they get access to places others don’t, like the Louvre after hours, secret spots in the Vatican or Versailles, etc. If you’re looking for a paid walking tour company, Walks is the best. Their philosophy is simple: They believe the best way to travel is to take walks. Whether it’s after-hours drinks at the Met Museum, time alone in St. Mark’s Basilica, a true crime tour of the streets of New York, or a luxury wine tasting in the Loire Valley. Walks tours provide the most memorable experiences with high quality expeditions that are just a little bit different. Walks guides are educators and story-tellers, not lecturers or script-readers.

Audio Tours/Audio Guides

Museum audio tours or audio guides provide a recorded spoken commentary, normally through a handheld device, to a visitor attraction such as a museum. They are also available for self-guided tours of outdoor locations or as a part of an organized tour. Some audio guides are free or included in the entrance fee, others have to be purchased separately. Audio guides are often in multilingual versions and can be made available in different ways. Some of the more elaborate tours may include original music and interviews. Traditionally rented on the spot, but more recently can be downloaded from the Internet or available via the mobile phone apps. Smart guides may be operated to supply content in different languages and accents, with different voice alternatives, with text, and with age group specific content. If you bring your own earbuds with a universal plug it can make the tour more comfortable and convenient, but check first if you only have wireless earbuds.

Statue - Classical sculpture
Take your own earbuds for comfort and convenience.

Audio tours operate in several ways: Touch/push-button systems are operated by the visitor. Location aware systems provide better quality tours to disabled people. Cell phone tours are an audio tour where pre-recorded or stream audio interpretation for a heritage site or a cultural exhibit is provided via a cell phone. These guides can provide the museum management with useful statistics and reports, which may include tour statistics, visitor statistics, opinions, and other surveys. Smartphones have significant advantages over cell phones, as they have story-triggering technologies GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, QR-code scanner, smartphone tours could guide the user outdoor (streets, highways, zoos, parks, archaeological sites) and indoor (museums), using different guiding techniques. There are many apps available on the market, developed by cities, museums and private companies: Detour, Guidigo, VoiceMap, iTour Bamberg.

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