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View from macchu picchu overlooking Incan village

Machu Picchu, Peru

At the top of a mountain, enormous and imposing stone blocks joined without using mortar were combined to create one of the most important religious, political and cultural centers of the Inca empire: Machu Picchu. Revealed to the world in 1911 by Hiram Bingham, this Inca city is divided into two large sectors: the agricultural sector, with an extensive network of terraces; and the urban sector, with fine structures including the Sun Temple. The intensely green terraces and the imposing mountains surrounding the site combine to create a stunning landscape which surpasses visitors’ expectations. Machu Picchu is a World Heritage Site and the pride of Peru.

Source: Peru Travel

Panorama of Cartagena at sunset

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is a city that is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, in the northwestern part of the South American continent. If you are wondering where is Cartagena in Colombia, it is located in the north of the country and is the capital of the Bolívar region. The city has several archipelagos and islands around that are paradises for true rest. Among these are Tierra Bomba Island, Múcura Islan, and Barú Island, among others. Cartagena de Indias is known, brings together the charm of colonial architecture, the excitement of a vivid night life, fascinating cultural festivals, and lush landscapes, to bring you the perfect vacation experience. The city’s beaches beckon, inviting you to unwind and enjoy yourself in the refreshing breeze and warm waters of the sea.

Source: Columbia Tourist Board

Sunset in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is the most beautiful city in Brazil, surrounded by lovely hills and beaches. Many people travel to Rio de Janeiro for its famous beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema. In addition to this, it offers the most stunning views of the city and Guanabara Bay from the top of the Sugar Loaf Mountain. Along with countless attractions, the city of Rio is also famous its vibrant nightlife that offers a wide range of bars, pubs, nightclubs, lounges and live music events in the night. Overall, the city is a perfect vacation destination full of timeless attractions, long beaches and the craziest nightlife in the world. Experience the rhythm of this amazing city by visiting the various beaches, museums, art galleries, mountains, parks and last but certainly not the least the famous Rio Carnivals.

Source: Rio De Janeiro City Guide

Ollataytambu, Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru

In Cusco, every corner tells a story and every story is captivating, mystical and inviting. Imagine walking through streets with names like “Ataúd” [Coffin], Siete Culebras [Seven Serpents] and “Arpías” [Harpies]. In these streets time seems to have stopped, every corner offers a piece of history, and the stones remain alive because they have survived intact. Cusco witnessed the arrival of the Spanish, and yet to this day it conserves an ancestral magic which captivates the thousands of visitors who each year form part of its living history. Cusco, acknowledged as the historic capital of Peru, renowned as the navel of the Earth. Unmissable!

Source: Peru Travel

Valparaiso in Chile before sunrise

Valparaiso, Chile

The ‘Jewel of the Pacific,’ as Valparaíso is known, is also home to Chile’s legislative Congress and the headquarters of the Chilean navy. Admire these historic buildings and soak up the country’s maritime history! Bohemian and colorful, Valparaiso’s maze of hills has long inspired poets and writers. You’ll discover something new at every turn: a gem of a building, a remarkable art gallery or some little gastronomic ‘find’. Revel in the crazy architecture of this World Heritage City. Stroll along its narrow streets, climb its endless staircases, ride its historic funicular elevators and enjoy panoramic views from its many lofty lookout points. Feel the excitement in the air at one of the city’s many carnivals, or celebrate New Year in spectacular style at Valparaiso’s ocean-front fireworks party. Don’t forget to explore the port and fishing wharves, where you’ll get a real feel for Chile’s quirky seafaring side. Buy or sample freshly-caught seafood at the market and enjoy the fishermen’s banter!

Source: Chile Travel

Galapagos Island

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galápagos Islands may just inspire you to think differently about the world. The creatures that call the islands home, many found nowhere else in the world, act as if humans are nothing more than slightly annoying paparazzi. This is not the Bahamas and these aren’t typical tropical paradises; in fact, most of the islands are devoid of vegetation and some look more like the moon than Hawaii. However, more humans live here than is commonly assumed, and there’s a surprising level of development in the islands’ towns, mostly geared toward the thriving tourism industry. This isolated group of volcanic islands and its fragile ecosystem has taken on almost-mythological status as a showcase of biodiversity. Yet you don’t have to be an evolutionary biologist or an ornithologist to appreciate one of the few places left on the planet where the human footprint is kept to a minimum.

Source: Lonely Planet

Beautiful Tayrona Beach

Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona is a magical slice of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, with stunning stretches of golden sandy beach backed by coconut palms and thick rainforest. Behind it all rise the steep hillsides of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the world’s highest coastal mountain range. The park stretches along the coast from the Bahía de Taganga near Santa Marta to the mouth of the Río Piedras, 35km east, and covers some 12,000 hectares of land and 3000 hectares of coral-rich sea. The park gets extremely crowded in high season (December and January), and vicious currents mean that most of the gorgeous beaches aren’t suitable for swimming, though you can take a dip and snorkel (with great care) at a few select, safer locations. Despite these issues, Tayrona is an immensely attractive place and one that’s rewarding and exciting to explore.

Source: Lonely Planet


Patagonia, Argentina

On South America’s southern frontier, nature grows wild, barren and beautiful. Spaces are large, as are the silences that fill them. For the newly arrived, such emptiness can be as impressive as the sight of Patagonia’s jagged peaks, pristine rivers and dusty backwater oases. In its enormous scale, Patagonia offers a wealth of potential experiences and landscapes. Though now mostly paved, lonely RN 40 remains the iconic highway that stirred affection in personalities as disparate as Butch Cassidy and Bruce Chatwin. On the eastern seaboard, paved RN 3 shoots south, connecting oil boomtowns with ancient petrified forests, Welsh settlements and the incredible Península Valdés. Then there is the other, trendy Patagonia where faux-fur hoodies outnumber the guanacos. Don’t miss the spectacular sights of El Calafate and El Chaltén, but remember that they’re a world apart from the whistling solitude of the steppe.

Source: Lonely Planet

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