Strawberry Hill: A Cup Of Jamaica Blue Coffee While Relaxing And Taking A Break From Technology

Strawberry Feature

If Marley can find peace away from the world’s turmoil, then maybe we can too. Strawberry Hill, Jamaica is the place for us to take a break from technology and just relax.

Images: Courtesy of Strawberry Hill Hotel

Blue Mountains Jamaica

Historic Strawberry Hill is a beautiful resort situated in the Jamaica Blue Mountains. The Georgian style cottages are charming and offer a peaceful setting. The picturesque setting offers incredible views of Kingston. The hotel is located on an old coffee plantation and boasts a colorful history, including ties to reggae legend Bob Marley. Guests are welcomed by friendly staff and can enjoy the botanical gardens and native birds.

Just north of Kingston, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is a sought-after specialty coffee renowned for its mild flavor and lack of bitterness. If you’re looking for the best coffee in the world, look no further than Jamaica Blue Mountain. These coffees are grown in lush, misty mountains of an island nation, which is just what they need to grow their delicious beans. The Blue Mountain blends are difficult to find in Jamaica, given the high demand across the world. Only a few growers still roast the old-fashioned way, selling their harvest to locals and passersby. Strawberry Hill has started to produce its own brand of Blue Mountain coffee in cooperation with the local farmers. Guests can now buy it at the hotel.

One Love

This hotel has a long list of guests, including music legend Bob Marley. The grounds are reminiscent of the island’s past, with ruins of its former coffee plantation. The rooms are uniquely decorated and have a fresh scent of jasmine. Its famous breakfast has been a highlight for guests. Guests can also enjoy a leisurely afternoon at the swimming pool. The accommodations are a highlight of a trip to the Blue Mountains, so don’t forget to take the time to explore the island.

After changing hands throughout the 20th century, the property was acquired in 1972 by Chris Blackwell who founded Island Records. This label is responsible for launching legendary Reggae artist Bob Marley’s career as well as to promoting local Jamaican talent and transforming Strawberry Hill into a musician’s retreat. When you visit, discover more about Strawberry Hill’s rich Music History. During the 70s and 80s, many famous entertainers and musicians visited the property, including the Rolling Stones, and Bob Marley, who convalesced at Strawberry Hill after being shot in 1976.

In 1986 Strawberry Hill opened to the public as a restaurant and received the National Heritage in Architecture Award. However, in 1988 Hurricane Gilbert destroyed the Great House. In 1991, Ann Hodges was commissioned to build Blackwell a new cottage as it stands today. With the infinity pool providing panoramic views of Kingston and a soothing spa surrounded by the sounds of nature, you’re greeted with relaxation in every form at the hotel.

Panoramic View

Guests can relax and unwind in the hotel’s spa. The hotel’s extensive wellness programs focus on body rejuvenation and wellness activities. Guests can take advantage of the lush surroundings of the resort. The grounds are home to an organic coffee farm, as well as a bird sanctuary. The 24 endemic bird species can be spotted on the property. While staying at Strawberry Hill, don’t forget to enjoy the spectacular view from the infinity pool.

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