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Dubrovnik - Tourist attraction

Dubrovnik is a city on the Adriatic Sea in southern Croatia. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, a seaport and the center of Dubrovnik-Neretva County. During most of the 19th and 20th centuries, Dubrovnik was a part of the Austrian Empire, Austria-Hungary and Yugoslavia. In 1991, during the disintegration of Yugoslavia, Dubrovnik was besieged by the Yugoslav People’s Army for seven months and suffered significant damage from shelling. After undergoing repair and restoration works in the 1990s and early 2000s, it re-emerged as one of the Mediterranean’s top tourist destinations, as well as a popular filming location, especially known for the HBO television series Game of Thrones.

Old Town Dubrovnik

Jutting out into the Adriatic Sea with a backdrop of rugged limestone mountains, Dubrovnik Old Town is known as one of the world’s finest and most perfectly preserved medieval cities in the world. Dubrovnik rivalled Venice as a trading port, requiring huge sturdy stone walls for protection of this former city-state. Today, these walls still enclose Dubrovnik’s historic center and it is possible to walk along them to enjoy the best views of the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ and the surrounding lush green islands. Dubrovnik is still a lived-in city, bustling with locals whose homes line the narrow streets and sunlit squares. As well as visiting the churches, palaces and museums, the visitor can also enjoy markets, bazaars, cafes, bars and restaurants. In the summer, there is also a choice of a few nightclubs and discos.

Restaurant with white umbrellas overlooking Dubrovnik and ocean.
Land of Milk And Honey

Dubrovnik’s wellness scene is blooming and just waiting to be discovered. From hiking and getting a massage, or soaking in a bath of milk and honey, there are plenty of ways to stay healthy while visiting this culturally diverse city. To decompress after a long adventurous day schedule a massage to refresh yourself for the night’s activities. There is a farmers’ markets in the Old Town, where you can find everything from fresh fruit, cheese, honey, rakija and lavender products. If you’re headed to one of Dubrovnik’s beaches stop at a neighboring market, for a refreshing treat.

Scenic Dubrovnik at night.
Adriatic Beaches

Dubrovnik has a number of popular beaches. Titova Vila Beach has everything from sand and pebble to limestone terraces and sunbathing. Banje Beach is one of the most popular because of its proximity to the city walls. There’s nothing like an invigorating hike to help you feel at one with nature. Since it’s hugged by the Adriatic, Dubrovni has many lovely lookout points that offer stunning sea vistas. The Lapad Bay Pedestrian Zone is also nearby a lovely area to stroll. Lokrum Island is a 10-minute boat ride from Old Town Dubrovnik. The island is known for its beautiful botanical garden, peacocks and rabbits.

People on the beach Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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Dubrovnik Croatia

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