Eiffel Tower, Paris

City of Lights

Paris is always a good idea inspiring romance for many couples, where you can view iconic architecture and eat world famous cuisine. The city exudes sophistication, style and fashion making it the perfect escape from everyday stress. Sail along the Seine River, then head 11 miles outside of Paris to visit the famous gardens of Versailles. Now its time to enjoy some freshly buttered warm baguettes, a bottle of wine and artisan cheese when you picnic on the lawn in the middle of the city at the Eiffel Tower. Refreshed from your meal grab a guided tour to see Paris’s iconic points of interests from the Champs Elysées, Arc de Triomphe and Louvre Art Museum. Next for beautiful views of the city, walk along the Seine’s Left Bank going north from Notre-Dame gaze at 12th Century Paris architecture, see Impressionist paintings and stand in the same room as Napoleon’s corpse.

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Eiffel Tower, Paris

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