Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Puerto Vallarta - Bahía de Banderas
A Welcoming Destination

Puerto Vallarta is located at the mouth of the beautiful Banderas Bay, one of the largest and deepest in the world, which can be admired from many of the surrounding hills exuberant in lush vegetation. Puerto Vallarta’s boardwalk, the Malecon, runs along the ocean. Old Town Vallarta is more like a Mexican town where English is spoken widely. Puerto Vallarta was once named as La ciudad más amigable del mundo, The Friendliest City in the World. Puerto Vallarta has developed into one of the most welcoming and gay-friendly destinations in the country, dubbed the “San Francisco of Mexico” the Blue Chairs are the focal point of the gay village.

The Bay

Banderas Bay is located on the west-central coast of the Mexican Pacific, between the southwest part of the state of Nayarit and western part of Jalisco. The Bay and the Marietas Islands offer an amazing kaleidoscope of tropical fish. Humpback whales come here to mate every year from December to March. Schools of dolphins, porpoises, and giant manta rays also inhabit these waters. For those who just want to relax, Puerto Vallarta’s many golden sand beaches offer one of the best ways to experience the beauty and magic of the bay. Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Tours take you to see humpback whale mothers and their calves in Banderas Bay. Puerto Vallarta’s whale watching season runs from December to March of every year. Humpback whales are the head liners of this fantastic nature show.

Banderas Bay, Bahía de Banderas, Puerto Vallarta.
Old Vallarta

Playa Los Muertos is the most popular and best known beach in Puerto Vallarta. The beach was once a sacred cemetery of the local Indians. A spectacular pier was finished and inaugurated in 2013, so now the place is a fun mix of old and new, traditional and modern. Playa Los Muertos is one of the most crowded beaches in Old Vallarta and the greater Bay area. There are vendors, activities, food, beers, parasailing, a swim in the ocean, the waves aren’t big, build castles in the sand with your kids.

Sunset at the pier on Playa Los Muertos.
A Secluded Retreat

Playa Las Caletas is a secluded beach that was once the private retreat of film director John Huston, today it is a wildlife preserve. There is a living natural reef close to shore which makes the beach a popular destination for snorkelers and is one of the top four secluded tropical beaches in the world. Accessible only by sea, it is surrounded by a steep, jungle-clad mountain backdrop. Rich in tropical wildlife and filled with scenic vistas to spare, this secluded nature preserve is a paradise unlike any other.

Playa Las Caletas.
Vallarta Botanical Gardens

Located 12 miles south of Puerto Vallarta. Located on 20 acres of land, these botanical collections features thousands of different species of plants. The gardens are in a unique tropical dry forest ecosystem at 1,300 feet above sea level. Against the breathtaking backdrop of soaring mountain peaks, there is much to experience: Palm Gardens, Rose Garden, Tree Fern Grotto, Orchid House, Jungle Trails, Tropical Bird Watching, Agave Gardens, displays of Mexican Wildflowers and the Carnivorous Plant Collection. The Gardens are listed in the Lonely Planet 2009 Guide to Mexico as a “Vallarta Must See”.

Vallarta Botanical Gardens

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Puerto Vallarta Mexico

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