St. George’s Grenada

Grenada - Punta Cana
Spice Island

It has been an important part of the Caribbean for centuries, having earned the name “the Spice Island” for its wealth of nutmeg, allspice, clove and cinnamon. St. George’s is the capital of the compact island, which at 11 miles wide and 21 miles long makes it easy to get out and explore. The capital is surrounded by a hillside of an old volcano crater and is on a horseshoe-shaped harbor. While in the capital, visit historic Fort George, built during the early 1700s by the French. The Spice Market in Market Square is open daily, but Saturday is when the market hums with activity. The Annandale Falls in St. George can be accessed via car and a short walk along a paved walkway.

View of Saint George’s, Grenada.

Pink Gin Beach gets its name from the fashionable UK cocktail which consist of Gin and a dash or two of Angostura Bitters. Pink Gin Beach is near the airport at Point Salinas, Grenada between two large resorts – the LaSource and the Rex Grenadian. One look at the pinkish sand on Pink Gin beach, and you will see that this beach was appropriately named. The shore slopes slowly into the sea with the rocks that coming out from the shore with very little wave activity. There is great variety of marine life and the visibility is around 100 feet. Since the waves are almost non-existent, you will find Pink Gin Beach a terrific snorkeling location. When you work up an appetite head to Aquarium Restaurant, a favorite among Grenadians and visitors alike. While you will share this beach with other guests from nearby hotels, you won’t find it as crowded as say Grand Anse Beach.

Sandals Resort along Pink Gin Beach.

Grand Anse Beach is a silky stretch of sheltered white sand where visitors and locals enjoy the view of the capital, this world famous beach spans two miles/three kilometers along the southwest coastline. Water sport specialists, hotels, restaurants and a vendors market offering local products can all be found nearby.

Grand Anse Beach, Grenada.

Be sure to book a guided hike to The Seven Sisters Waterfalls which are considered one of the Top 25 Wonders of the World by National Geographic. The hike begins from an old agricultural estate high in the hills and descends into the rain forest. For much of the time you are going down a path cut into one side of a huge valley. See two waterfalls cascading into perfect swimming pools. Fish and crayfish dart around in the river. It is a perfect place to swim, relax or just enjoy the tranquility. The hike takes about an hour each way, on an often muddy trail. You will feel wonderfully refreshed by the cool mountain water– your hair will feel specially soft afterwards.

Tropical waterfall in Grenada.
Molinere Bay Underwater Sculpture Park

Schedule a boat trip out to the island’s Molinere Bay Underwater Sculpture Park offering visitors the chance to snorkel above or dive below the surface to view life-size sculptures. The 75 works cover an area of 800 square meters and are located in a series of sand patches and gullies between natural rock formations. At depths of 5-8 meters, they are accessible by scuba diving, snorkeling and glass bottom boats.

Molinere Bay Underwater Sculpture Park
Around The Island

Outside of St. George’s travel to the northeast of the island to sip rum at River Antoine Rum Distillery and visit The Grenada Chocolate Company. The River Antoine Rum Distillery is a colonial-era distillery still in operation utilizing traditional methods, including a 19th-century water wheel providing energy for the rum-making process. The Grenada Chocolate Company offers tours of its facility, which produces award-winning organic dark chocolate. Touring  in Grenada travelers will note the prevalence of tiny, local rum shops, spice production and chocolate-making which can be explored at a number of sites on the island.

The Grenada Chocolate Company.

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St. George’s Grenada

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