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A Superior International Wi-Fi Plan

The Skyroam Solis Lite and Solis X are reliable, easy-to-use roaming hotspots for international travelers. Using an embedded SIM with a global roaming partner, the hotspot checks its GPS, phones home for a few bytes, and then gets assigned a virtual SIM card with a real account connected to it. You could be using a different account every day; there’s no easy way for you to know. This technology circumvents overpriced international phone plan’s roaming agreements and lets you connect at local wholesale rates. Skyroam levels the debate, about roaming with your home SIM vs. buying a SIM abroad vs. using a portable Wi-Fi hotspot device.

Power Up and Connect
Skyroam - Skyroam Solis X
Skyroam How It Works.

Beyond a single recessed power button on its top, the device has a white lined battery indicator and three different indicator lights to establish data transmission and connection. To get started, all you need to do is press the only button on the device or download the Solis application and scan the QR code on the Solis X’s bottom to connect (you’ll know you’re paired with it when its lights are no longer flashing). If you happen to be using a device that has challenges with pairing, then the network name and password are printed on a sticker on the bottom, and you can connect to the hotspot just like you would with any other Wi-Fi network. Oh and guess what, since it’s Wi-Fi, any device can use it, not just your phone. You literally just turn it on and you’re connected in over 135 countries. Connecting the Solis once powered on, is as simple as pressing the Wi-Fi button or activating it with the smart phone application.

Skyroam Solis Lite

The Skyroam Solis Lite is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot worth considering if you’re travelling internationally and are looking to stay well connected. The daily rates are going to be cheaper than roaming and comparable to getting a local SIM, but with less of the hassle. A USB-C to USB 3.0 cable is used to charge the Solis Lite hotspot. The USB-C dongle allows you to plug in your phone cable, lightning or micro.

Skyroam Solis X

The Skyroam Solis X connects while on-site, within over 135 countries providing a speedy 4G connection and reliable Wi-Fi, which is key to the successful traveler. Now, you can share, browse, photograph, stream from anywhere. New, experience the first-ever smart hot spot voice assistant, with Bluetooth speaker. It boasts a 4700 mAh power bank, providing enough power for the Solis X to attach to 4G and LTE, while broadcasting a Wi-Fi network for up to 10 devices and 16 hours. Packaged with one USB-C to USB adapter, a USB charging cable, and instructions on how to use the device. The Solis X is a small, highlighter orange hockey puck-sized device that weighs 11 ounces and measures 3.5 inches by 1.25 inches. Slim (like its predecessor, it can fit in your pocket with ease) and simply designed.

Solis X Camera

Solis X has an f/2.4 aperture camera with an 8MP wide-angle lens, which is controlled by the shutter button in the Solis smart phone application. The camera features 720p HD resolution, auto-focus, flash, two microphones, and a speaker. The device even has its own Dropbox link in case you want to upload videos and pictures.

SolisVPN With NordVPN Security

One significant development here is that Skyroam and NordVPN have announced a partnership where both companies have teamed up to launch a new VPN service. Skyroam is known for developing its proprietary virtual SIM (vSIM) technology used in mobile hotspots, while NordVPN is a popular VPN service.) Together, the two companies have launched Solis VPN, which will be available on Skyroam’s Solis WiFi application and will boost NordVPN security with a new bug bounty program. In addition to offering the same privacy and security features of other VPN products, SolisVPN is activated via the Skyroam Solis X or Skyroam Solis Lite hotspot.

Sim Free Convenience

Solis’s convenience to travelers when traveling to another country, is a bargain. Rather than searching for a SIM card as soon as you arrive in a country, you can connect to the internet with the press of a button. Beyond saving you money purchasing SIM cards can be costly and confusing, at times requiring you to present documents like your passport, but using the Solis X will help you avoid frustrating clerical processes. Every country has different rules for SIM cards so, when in doubt, use the Solis.

Pricing Contracts

There are multiple options to choose from. One: Pay-Per-GB GoData Subscription for $6 per month, or as low as $3 per GB for 5GB. Two: USA Unlimited Data Subscription for $49/month, with data speeds up to 20GB then throttle kicks in. Three: Global Data is $99/month. And finally the unlimited Global Daypass for $9 per day, which provides 24 hours of unlimited Wi-Fi for service on up to 10 devices

Fair Use Policy and the GoData Monthly

Additionally, according to Skyroam, you, the consumer, needs to be knowledgeable about the Fair Use Policy and the GoData Monthly Subscription (where you get 1GB for $6/day) daily throttling limit and its pay-per-GB plans, which applies to Unlimited Monthly Subscription and Global Daypass users. On the unlimited access plans, Skyroam wants to limit how much data you can consume. According to Skyroam, the throttling kicks depending on the daily limits that vary by time, location, and carrier network partners in the area. The point seems to be to give you full-speed Wi-Fi so you quickly blow through your limit and are forced to buy more. Honestly, I am not too fond of that approach, so be mindful of that as you use it.

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