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Taste Is Fundamental To Life.

These thrilling wine-themed vacations provide a unique and delicious dimension to your next adventure.

Enhance Your Mastery Of Wine

No matter where you fall on the wine connoisseur spectrum, there’s a place for you in the wine country. A wine tour can last anywhere from an afternoon to two weeks. Besides tasting wine, you’ll tour the vineyards and walk the rows of the season’s harvests. Depending on the time of year, you may even be invited to pluck a few grapes and sample them straight from the vine. Some people tour in cars, limos and vans — others on bikes and even kayaks. The tour culminates in wine tasting.

Tour and Taste Multiple Wines

Most wineries are open to the public a large part of the year. If you’re in the mood for a vacation, you can tour multiple wineries every day. A one-day trip that encompasses several wineries in the Sonoma Valley of California may cost a little more than $100. A two-week excursion through Bordeaux, France, will be in the thousands. The winery typically doesn’t charge for the wine tour and sometimes provides a sample of wines for free. More often, there’s a small charge to cover the cost of sampling.

Wine Tours Offer Great Excitement

Some companies provide van transportation and shuttle groups of 15 or more from vineyard to vineyard. Some wineries provide live music or gourmet meals on certain dates. Some tour operators plan meals or other extras as part of their tour package. If a meal isn’t offered, ask for recommendations before heading home. The cumulative affect of sipping wine throughout the day, particularly in warm weather, can be offset by putting some food in your belly. It’s highly unlikely you’ll leave the tour empty-handed.

Compliment With Culinary Delights

In the United States, the Sonoma and Napa Valleys of California are well known for their vineyards. In Italy, Tuscany, Sicily, Veneto and Fruili are all popular destinations. Schedule your wine tour during the growing season. In Europe and North America, that’s April to October. In New Zealand, visit during February or March to witness the grape harvest. On these unique trips, you’ll be getting discovering some of the leading and emerging gourmet destinations, explored through the eyes of the chefs that have shaped the culinary landscapes.